Ariana Erehaha Silverdove Etc. Seagull.

How about a discussion dedicated to our very own pet troll? Maybe the attention will draw her out of hiding again.

Let's analyze: What do we know about ArianaVampireQueen? Well, there is evidence to suggest she was a member of TS forum's earlier incarnation, and that her trolling activity was inspired by the snarks of FTS and Brewdening love in particular. She also bears such an uncanny resemblance to the writer known as XXXItalianRoseXXX, that it's more likely they are one and the same, than two separate writers being that similar. Accepting this as fact, we know that Ariana/Rosie was a fanfic writer before she was a troll, and may still be writing serious fic under another name.

We also know that Ariana is into cute boys, rather than mature and macho ones. But more than that, she's into cute boys who are psycho and dangerous. Her main character has hooked up with Damian Thorn, Assef and young Hannibal Lecter. Characters she doesn't regard as attractive, most notably Mark Thorn and Ron Weasley, tend to suffer horrific deaths that may or may not be permanent.

The notable exception to her string of bad boys comes in Dalton Vampire, where she dates Blaine Anderson and turns him straight. Maybe it's not really about the boy being evil, as much as it is about the romance being "wrong" or "forbidden", or in her own words, risque?

And what IS it with her grammatical abilities coming and going as they see fit?